Africa Mini Grids Summit, NAIROBI, KENYA, 14 – 15 NOV 2017

Future Energy Nigeria (WAPIC), LAGOS, NIGERIA, 07 – 08 NOV 2017
August 18, 2017
Nigeria Assembly, LAGOS, NIGERIA, 07 – 08 NOV 2017
August 21, 2017
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Africa Mini Grids Summit will convene key decision and policy makers along with the power players in the mini grids sector to share their invaluable expertise and experience to help you effectively strategize your mini grid blueprints.


Be treated to a first class event where pressing issues and solutions are brought to the fore along with extraordinary networking opportunities.

Mini grids have been identified as one of the most important platforms to address critical electrification shortages in Africa. Various projects utilizing different business models and technologies are now prevalent throughout Africa.

Conversations and market research with key players have led us to identify these issues to be highlighted in our summit:

  • Analysing the different approaches to mini grids implementation and partnerships
  • Mini grid policies and regulation updates of African countries
  • Advancing the use of Green Mini Grids in Africa
  • Attaining the social license to operate from local communities
  • Avoiding stranded asset and managing investor risks when the grid arrives
  • Hybrid technologies integration plus the growing importance of energy storage in mini grids
  • Attracting big time investors and commercial end users to recharge the mini grids ecosystem
  • Pricing issues for Africa: Affordable Costs of Energy vs investor/business profits
  • Investor risk vs What is Acceptable Profit in the African Context
  • Future proofing” mini grid projects through:
    • Identifying the most suitable and sustainable models
    • Capacity building for local communities
    • Quality and durable equipments

Why You Must Not Miss This Summit

  • Africa Mini Grids Summit is the only authoritative Mini-Grids focused event in region bringing together public & private stakeholders
  • Probe the exciting opportunities present in Africa’s mini-grids market & private sector participation
  • Hear from policy makers & government officials the plans and targets for a coherent & favourable operating environment
  • Meet with key stakeholders and decision makers involved in the revolution of Africa’s electricity supply
  • Find out how you can benefit from the incentives for investment
  • Evaluate the business case for mini-grids implementation and the latest technological applications relevant to your business
  • Address the complexities involved with mini-grids investments and how you can manage the risks & optimise ROI
  • Learn more about the available financing options and the makings of a bankable mini-grids project
  • Adopt best practice strategies and technical know-how from successful projects in the region       Accepts grid connection and scalability potential

Who will be Attending this Summit?

  • Investors (Private Equity/Debt)
  • Development Aid Agencies
  • Investment Managers
  • Research Institutes
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Technology Providers
  • Power Utilities
  • RE Developers (Solar, Hydro, Wind & Biogas)
  • Municipalities
  • EPC Contractors
  • Government & Regulators (Ministry of Energy/ Finance/Industry)
  • Storage solutions
  • International Financial Institutions
  • Consultants
  • Financiers
  • Legal Firms


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