Agricbusiness Tradeshow & Conference, ABUJA, NIGERIA, 25 – 26 OCT 2017

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August 7, 2017
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August 8, 2017
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The 3rd annual Agribusiness Tradeshow & Conference 2017 will serve as the platform to discuss the potential and viability of the agriculture business in Nigeria and the West African sub region.


The event seeks to symbolize the opportunities in a gribusiness, as well as synergize on technologies, techniques and human resources to take this all important sector to the level of Africa union food security initiative.

A paradigm shift in Agriculture through its commercialization has become potentially necessary owing to the fact that for far too long agriculture and farming has been practiced by farmers in Africa on a subsistence level. At this subsistence level, there has been shrinking and depleted farms, an ageing population with limited interest from the youth to engage in agriculture.

To this end, the imperativeness of exploring the potential profitability of every agriculture investment and to determine whether it makes financial sense to proceed in the short, medium and long term is now more feasible than ever before

It is in recognition of this fact that there have been comprehensive interventions to ensure sustainable growth and job creation. For example, the cassava value chain, one of the most important value chains in Nigeria, benefited from a presidential campaign for cassava and its products, including cassava chips, flour, etc.

Presently, the Nigeria’s macroeconomic indicators are showing a decline in Gross Domestic Product due to the low development the Agricultural sub sector, even, with its huge population. Presently, Nigeria is also the largest producer of almost every major agricultural commodities in West Africa, given the significance of the Nigerian economy in West Africa – with approximately 60 percent of the population and over 50 percent of the region Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – it is important in the context of regional initiatives to understand the country’s role in regional food security (World Bank, 2006).

We are therefore, sincerely inviting all stakeholders in this sector to share and participate in this event. The conference segment will discuss a wide range of agro allied activities, cutting across Livestock, Animal, Feeds, Agro- processing, seed production, soil pollution, research and machinery.


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