Annual International Professional Management Conference(AIPMC), ABUJA, NIGERIA, 27 – 26 OCT 2017

Jewellex International, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 08 – 10 OCT 2017
August 9, 2017
International Water Association IWA Specialist Conference, SKUKUZA, SOUTH AFRICA, 09 – 11 OCT 2017
August 10, 2017
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Attend IIPM 2017 Conference and learn how to take advantage of dramatic marketplace shifts and put them to work for your partnerships, organizations and brands that will culminate to sustainable growth and development.


Come together with 300+ of the brightest, most creative and most influential management professionals to learn how to stay relevant and thrive in a world where even the disrupters are being disrupted.

You will hear, be inspired by and take away valuable ideas from a wide range of rights holders and sponsors already seeing themselves and their partnerships in a new light and reimagining what they can do together in a data- and a digital-driven world.

From additional time for small-group round tables on topics of specific interest, to presentation tracks that will guide you to the most relevant sessions, IIPM 2017 Conference is poised more than ever before to deliver immense returns on your investment, take businesses and careers to new and better places, and re-ignite your passion for what you do.

We are excited by the possibilities. If you are too, join us at IIPM 2017 Conference.

Conference Objectives:

  1. Expose conferees to practical leadership and management strategies to thriving in crisis time.
  2. Help conferees develop an effective and efficient leadership and management approaches
  3. customizable to their personal and corporate needs.
  4. Expose conferees to strategic means of gaining market leadership at the sustainable basis.
  5. Help conferees engage right leadership and management positioning as a source of competitive
  6. leverage.
  7. Establish the pivotal role of leadership and management in driving sustainable personal and
  8. corporate development.
  9. Make a leader out of every conferee.
  10. Create a platform for strategic networking, sharing of innovative and creative ideas and enhancing
  11. partnerships.

General Conference Lectures:

  1. Towards Effective Leadership and Management; A Need in a Time like this.
  2. Striving Strategies in Economic Crisis Period; Gaining Market Leadership in Crisis.
  3. Organizational Restructuring; Managing Change as a Source of Competitive Advantage.
  4. Sales and Marketing Leadership and Management; Developing a high-performance sales team.
  5. Strategic Human Resource Approaches for thriving in Crisis Period.
  6. Becoming an Authentic Leader; The Way Out.

Benefits of Attending.

The conference is designed to create a strategic platform for participants:

  1. To learn new leadership and management skills and sharpen existing ones for professional business management.
  2. To learn industry trends and manage the implementation.
  3. To develop content and context-based ideas and feasibility for execution.
  4. To strategic networking with outstanding business professionals.
  5. To have business advisory support and mentorship.


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