Arab Steel Summit 2017, CASABLANCA, MOROCCO, 24 – 26 OCT 2017

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Arab Steel Summit 2017 holds a special importance, especially under the current circumstances through which the steel industry is passing in the Arab countries and in the countries of the world as well.


The Arab region has become one of the fastest growing regions in the iron and steel industry in last decades. It is one of the most attractive region’s investments, which has raised Arab steel production from about two million tons in early 1970 to more than 30 million now. This is evidence of the growing strength of Arab economies. The strength of the steel industry in any country shows the strength of its economy and the ten largest producers of steel are top ten economies of the world.

AISU confirms activate and strengthen cooperation and exchange of experiences between its members and Arab and international companies through organizing a number of conferences and seminars annually to be a forum for many Arab and international companies, steel industry experts and technology owners and those who interested in this industry as investors and businessmen under the name ” Arab Steel Summit ” . Which is attended by the largest steel companies and international organizations, which is a suitable environment for companies to display their products and a display of innovations and modern technological solutions that help in the development of the productivity of the iron and steel industry in the Arab countries.

The Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU) glad to inform you that its annual 2017 conference under the title “The Arab Steel Summit 2017″  will be held in Casablanca / Morocco, in the period October 2017.

Concurrently with the Arab Steel Summit 2017, AISU will organize ” The International Iron and Steel Exhibition 2017″ which will provide a suitable environment for the companies to exhibit their iron and steel products or the innovations and latest technological solutions which help in developing the productivity of the iron and steel industry, in addition to its being the appropriate opportunity for the meeting of producers with the firms and companies active in the field of the iron and steel trade.


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