Foodbext West Africa, ABUJA, NIGERIA, 25 – 27 SEP 2017

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July 6, 2017
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July 7, 2017
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Foodbext West Africa is West Africa largest expo for Food  & Beverage Products & Services and is organised annually in collaboration with NAFDAC( National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control).


Visitors come from various Countries of West Africa, especially those who ordinarily  buy bulk from  Nigeria and transport by road, across borders. FOODBEXT would be going into its 5th edition in 2016 during which time several Conferences would hold. One of the Major Conferences is the BAKERS  WORKSHOP /SUMMIT which brings together practitioners in Bakery/ Confectionery  & Catering business for a 3 days sessions of skill acquisition and networking. Another would be the formal inauguration of the West African Association of Food & Beverage Importers & Merchants which was deferred till 2016.The Association of direct trade buyers, Supermarket owners, Food Chain services, Manufacturers,  and allied enterprises. Seminars centered on  stock & supply chain controls in F&B will hold and entry is free.

The focal segments are  BAKERIES & DAIRIES , WINES & SPIRITS and  PROCESSING  & PACKAGING.  As Organizers, our  focus is on delivering a  high turnout of large Import buyers, Distributors, HORECA(Hotels Restaurants , Cafes) Executives etc. from the different countries of West Africa FOODBEXT  would be massively advertised in Pan West African, using an optimal  strategy of  specific media mix including partnerships with all the relevant Trade Associations.

With a population of over 170 million, Nigeria is the largest Market in West Africa for Food & Beverages products where on an annual basis over US2Billion is spent on F&B related  transactions. The opportunity for penetration for new brands have a positive outlook with GDP excellence and expanding middle class.. Government in the region is also keen on encouraging local Manufacturing which creates potential for investment in local Processing & Packaging equipment /Machinery, as agricultural productivity goes on the increase.

Also Food & Beverage Franchise  owners  have  a good opportunity of locating franchise buyers   by participating at the event , including Organizations engaged in Hospitality and Food Service equipment.

FOODBEXT is the presently the toast of many as it brings together elite brands and channel distributors  in face -to-face contact  for business development benefits.

Unregistered products may be bought in non-commercial quantities, as exhibits, without  any objections from NAFDAC provided the exhibitors are properly registered for  the event. Such exhibits may be tasted and showcased  for prenerty benefits and feedback..Upon registration  and full payment, a letter of Registration , including receipts are issued to Exhibitor  which may be presented when needed , especially for consular reasons.

Ordinarily NAFDAC are regulators of the F&B market and require that any product must be screened and properly registered  before  it is allowed for sale in the market overt. NAFDAC is doing a great job as attested by all.


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