Nigeria Poultry & Livestock Expo (Nipoli) delivered value as expected.

African Waste Management Exhibition & Conference, LAGOS, NIGERIA, 20 – 22 JUNE 2017
March 24, 2017
Nigeria Fashion Expo, LAGOS, NIGERIA, 12 – 14 JULY 2017
March 27, 2017
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Starting on the 23rd of March 2017 at Mimaya Event Center, 15 Kudirat-Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos state Nigeria, Nipoli Expo recieved an outstanding influx of visitors from the Livestock and Poultry Industries and beyond.

The dairy experts, poultry proffessionals, drug control agencies and producers and various farmers associations had representatives present at Nipoli Expo 2017.EXHIBITION AFFAIRS

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has enacted various policies and organised programmes to increase poultry and livestock to target local market and export markets. Besides the ministry, there are other government departments that regulate the consumption of poultry and livestock products.
National Agency of Food And Drug Control(NAFDAC). Asides NAfDAC, Other important Agencies playing a defining role in the development of the poultry and livestock industry such as Poultry Association of Nigeria(PAN), Fishery Association of Nigeria(FISON), Animal Science Association of Nigeria(ASAN), Catfish Breeders Association of Nigeria, Goat and Sheep Association of Nigeria, Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Pig Breeders Association of Nigeria were all present to meet, farmers, breeders, dealers and top industry representatives present.

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Nigeria has been recognised as a large consumer of meat products in domestic the domestic and a target as a massive exporter than other West-African countries, so the need to facilitate for advance poultry and livestock technology to support this current status is been highey emphasised in every conference and discussion at NIPOLI Expo.

NIPOLI Expo is presently a highly productive platform for all stakeholder in the NIgerian Poultry and Livestock industry to share knowledge and display the latest technology

Here Is A List Of Poultry & Livestock Industry Stakeholders  Represented At The NIPOLI Expo:

  • XINXIANG HEXIE FEED MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO. LTD.: Feed Machinery Manufacturing. (Hammer Mill, Mixer, Pellet Mill)
  • LARK ENGINNERING COMPANY (INDIA) PvT LTD.: Design, Engineering & Manufacturing of Feed Machines And Complete Feed Projects.
  • ARAB VETERINARY INDUSTRIAL CO. (AVICO): Veterninary Pharmacuetical Manufacturers.
  • BALA INDUSTRIES & ENTERTAINMENT PvT LTD.: Manufacturers of Incubators And Hatches For Poultry Industry.
  • HEBEI GLOBAL FEED ADDITIVE CO. LTD.: Manufacturers of Choline Chloride, Protein Products, Vitamins, Minerals & DCP.
  • XINXIANG HEXIE ANIMAL PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD.: Veterninary Pharmacuetical Manufacturers.
  • SHANDONG DOUBLE CRANE MACHINERY MANYFACTURE CO. LTD.: Manufacturers of Feed Pellet Machines & Biomass Pellet Machines.
  • PROMOIS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.: Poultry Feeds Suplements Manufacturers.
  • BABOLNA TETRA KFT: Chick Breeding Company.
  • EDDYGYPT GIORDANO POULTRY PLAST: Poultry Equipment & Giordano Poultry Plast.
  • HEIBEI NEW CENTURY PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD.: Veterninary Pharmacuetical Manufacturers.
  • HENAN ZHONGZHOU ANIMAL HUSBANDRY BREEDING EQUIPMENT CO. LTD.: Animal Automatic Husbandry Breeding Equipment Providers.
  • ATCO PHARMA FOR PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES: Human & Agric Pharmacuetical Manufacturers.
  • DAR AL DAWA VETERINARY & AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIAL CO. “DADVET”: Human Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company With A Vision of Meeting The Various Needs Of The Veterinary & Agricultural Sector.
  • FACCO WEST AFRICA LTD.: Providers of Complete Equipment And Automation For Poultry, Livestock And Agricultural Production.
  • QUALITY SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT PvT LTD.: Manufacturers & Exporters Of Poultry Equipments.
  • EFEEDLINK PTE LTD.: Agricultural Industry Information Provider.
  • AGRICULURAL DERIVIATIVES LTD.: Agricultyral Business.
  • JUBALI AGROTECH LTD.: Agriculture, Poultry & Sourcing of Agricultural Inputs.
  • BIO-ORGANIC NUTRIENT SYSTEMS LTD.: Agricultural Pharmaceutical Products.
  • INTERNATIONAL SLIVER STAR INVESTMENT LTD.: Poultry Equipment, Layer Cages, Broder Cage, Broiler Cage.
  • NORGEM NIGERIA LTD.: Distributes Agricultural Inputs and Solutions For The Livestock Industry In Nigeria.
  • NUTRIVITAS LTD.: Helps To Standadize The Feed Adictives Subsector Of The Nigerian Feed & Livestock Industry.
  • ANIMAL CARE SERVICE KONSULT (NIG.) LTD.: Provides Livestock Inputs And Consultancy Services For Farmers.
  • LOVLEEN TOYS INDUSTRIES LTD.: Services include Manufacturing of Various Injection and Blow Moulding Articles For Domestic Consumption & Coporate Sector.
  • DOSARAF MULTTIBIZ KONCEP.: Services include a unique array of Integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services and Agricultural Production.

Nigeria Poultry & Livestock Expo (Nipoli) will be concluded on the 25th March 2017.

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