Pipe Africa Expo, CAIRO, EGYPT, 09 – 11 OCT 2017

Home Décor and Giftware Expo, LAGOS, NIGERIA, 14 – 16 NOV 2017
August 16, 2017
Lagos International Trade Fair, LAGOS, NIGERIA, 03 – 12 NOV 2017
August 17, 2017
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Pipe Africa 2017 is an International Trade Fair that concerns Pipe, Tubes, Valves, Pipe fittings, & fluid handling System.


Pipe Africa 2017, Expo & Conference, is the first of its kind offering an ideal place for suppliers and buyers to meet, negotiate business, date customers and make cooperation. The show area of Pipe Africa is projected to cover about 5,000 square meters, attracting more than 200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors join to the show, including about 20% of overseas visitors from more than 20 countries and regions.EXHIBITION AFFAIRS

Pipe Africa 2017 is designed to be yearly event together to attract Pipe & Tube companies to take advantage of government support in promoting the industry as well as foreign investors take the opportunity see the progressing development in the Egyptian economy that triggers infrastructure development in the region.

Why visit Pipe Africa 2017?

  • Meet and acquaint clients in the industry.
  • Find providers and organizations to build market channels and expand network.
  • Develop international trade and broaden imports and exports business.
  • Meet people in the same trade for business development.
  • Meet and communicate with the consumers
  • Publicize & commercialize your brand, advance your popularity and esteem.
  • Achieve procurements of project element and the offering chances.
  • Recruit sales professionals, technology and accomplish timeframes.
  • associate with suppliers and cooperation partners.

Exhibitor’s Profile

  • PIPES: Water applications pipes, Water & wastewater plant /irrigation systems pipes, Plastic pipes (PVC, UPVC, HDPE, fiber glass), Metal pipes (Steel, Copper, Cast, iron pipes), Clay pipes – Concrete pipes (Regular and pre-stressed pipes)
  • PIPELINE EQUIPMENT: Pipe production equipment (cutting/production/handling/tools), Protective & Anticorrosion materials/ chemicals & painting for pipes lines, Installation accessories parts for internal and external pipes, Pipes and tubes welding & Galvanized units equipment
  • PIPES FITTINGS: Pipe fitting parts, Pipe fitting manufacturing equipment and tools, Valves & its production equipment and tools
  • TUBES: Oil and gas pipes and Installation equipment, Drilling Equipment, Measurement and Quality tools and equipment, Safety and security equipment, Tubes for labs and medical services


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