Poultry And Livestock Show(PALS- Africa), KUMASI, GHANA, 02 – 03 NOV 2017

International Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Exhibition, CAIRO, EGYPT, 08 – 11 NOV 2017
September 4, 2017
West African Clean Energy and Environment Exhibition and Conference, ACCRA, GHANA, 07 – 09 NOV 2017
September 7, 2017
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Poultry And Livestock Show(PALS- Africa) is a multi-species poultry and livestock event comprising Poultry, Piggery, fishery, feed milling and other Agro allied industries.


It is a unique platform to connect with lots of industry players, government and developmental agencies.

The Planning committee envisions a platform that would facilitate networking as well as create business opportunities for participants, exhibitors and sponsors alike not only through an interactive exhibition but also a vibrant program of social events.

PALS is the acronym for poultry, aquaculture and livestock show. This a local initiative, borne out of a quest to provide a platform where indigenous industry players can share experiences, knowledge, goods and services, first and foremost with international companies in their respective sectors as well as interact amongst themselves.

The uniqueness of PALSAFRICA from previous similar events is that while previous events were the initiative of foreigners inviting local players and international firms, this time around it is vice versa- Ghanaians setting a platform and inviting both international and local players to network.

Cardinal Objectives

  1. To create a platform for industry players and development partners to participate in the process of growth to move the industry forward.
  2. Afford investors the opportunity to invest in areas where government alone cannot afford in the immediate future in win-win collaboration.
  3. Have discussions that will lead to a reduction in the importation of products like frozen chicken, milk, day old chicks and other products which can be produced locally with Ghanaian partners. This will help strengthen the Ghanaian economy.
  4. Offer Ghanaians the opportunity to do business with foreign partners locally, without having to travel abroad.
  5. Offer international suppliers the opportunity to sell to the Ghanaian farmer products that cannot be manufactured locally but needed in commercial quantities to grow the poultry, aquaculture and livestock industry; and also to consider possible partnerships for manufacturing in Ghana.


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