Powering Africa Nigeria, ABUJA, NIGERIA, 04 – 05 OCT 2017

International Water Association IWA Specialist Conference, SKUKUZA, SOUTH AFRICA, 09 – 11 OCT 2017
August 10, 2017
World LPG Forum, MARRAKESH, MOROCCO, 03 – 05 OCT 2017
August 11, 2017
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This October will see the 6th Powering Africa: Nigeria investors summit take place in Abuja, where your commercial objectives are put at the heart of the agenda.


We will also analyse the progress Nigeria’s power sector has achieved in the last 12 months. We warmly invite you to join us in October and would like you to let us know how your business has developed in the last year. We will be delighted for you to share your story with other participants too.


Nigeria is currently positioned as the largest economy in Africa and is poised to become the largest market in Africa for IPP projects. As the country aims to increase total installed capacity to 20,000MW by 2020 and with the unbundling of the oil and gas sector, and privatization of the power sector underway, new generation capacity is going to rely solely on private sector investment. Government, public sector institutions, investors and power producers all come together to set a new precedent for African power driven by commercial capital and a commitment to the economic value of power generation.


  • The 2017 meeting will provide the opportunity for the private sector to realign strategy with the new vision for the future of power in Nigeria
  • C-level participants will hear directly from both the private and public sector as the industry defines the country’s unique requirements for power acquisition and outlines the vast investment potential of this market.
  • Participants will debate solutions to the challenges of raising finance, opportunities for investors to participate in and support the growing industry, and the procurement trends which could realize the country’s vision of a stable and sufficient power supply.
  • Forward-looking and proactive, the Powering Africa: Nigeria meeting focuses on engaging the private sector to accelerate growth in the power sector, free bottlenecks in capital access and drive electrification.
  • An intimate setting amongst leaders in the Nigerian industry ensuring you have exclusive access to the decision-makers capable of transforming your business’ success


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