Worldview Education Fair, Abuja, Nigeria, 17 OCT 2017

Magical Kenya Travel Expo, NAIROBI, KENYA, 03 – 05 OCT 2017
July 28, 2017
Cassava World Africa, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA, 10 – 11 OCT 2017
July 31, 2017
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Worldview Education Fair is dedicated to helping institutions recruit prospective international students from Nigeria.


This fair is open to all institutions worldwide, helping you meet and recruit a wide pool of quality potential students.
Many fairs and exhibitions focus only on recruiters from a specific country, thereby attracting a limited pool of students with predetermined interests in those specific study destinations. The Worldview Education Fair brings institutions from all around the world to one place; giving students more opportunities and options, thereby attracting a larger, more diverse pool of students. For recruiters, this exhibition provides an opportunity to improve their reach and brand awareness; marketing to a larger number of students and alongside some well-known institutions.Exhibition Affairs | Nigeria, Africa & Global Business Event portal. Exhibition, Conference, Tradeshow, Expo, Summit, Congress, Convention, Forum, Worksphop
The Worldview Education Fair 2017 will take place at the Nicon Luxury Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria and is a one day event open to all institutions worldwide, drawing a larger pool of students by giving them several options to fit their price, location and course requirements. Students are encourage

Why are Nigerian students looking to study abroad?
This year, 1.7 million students registered for Nigeria’s centralized tertiary admissions examinations, all competing for the half million places available; potentially leaving over a million qualified college-age Nigerians without a post-
secondary place. This despite the fact that the number of available places has grown significantly in recent years as the government establishes new institutions in its efforts to meet demand. Since 2005, the number of universities alone has grown from 51 to 128, while capacity at existing universities has been stretched to its limits.
These expansion efforts, while generally positive for access in absolute terms, have created issues related to
instructional quality. Nigeria’s institutions and lecture halls are severely overcrowded, student to teacher ratios have
skyrocketed and faculty shortages have become a major problem, with an estimated 40% of university positions and 60% of Polytechnic positions currently unstaffed. High unemployment among university graduates is also a major problem but does not appear to be a deterrent to those seeking admission into institutions of higher learning.


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