Important Procedure And Documents For Nigeria Exporters

If you are interested in Exportation Business In Nigeria, possessing the necessary documents for Nigeria exporters will help you minimize your export risks, ensure that exported goods conform to importing country specifications, assist you in qualifying for export incentives and also ensure you meet buyers requirements by providing evidence of origin and delivery.

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Exporters Registration Documents

As stated in our post: How To Register As An Exporter In Nigeria, it is necessary that you first register with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). After this registration, you will be issued an exporter’s certificate which will licenses you as a certified Nigerian exporter and also enable you to enjoy some of the benefits made available by NEPC.

Export Contract Documents

This is an agreement document between buyers and sellers, which spells out the specific obligations between both parties on the terms of the export business

Quality Assurance Documents For Nigeria Exporters

This a very critical part of the exportation procedure because it ensures that the goods to be exported meet up with international safety measures and it is always advisable to use internationally recognized bodies while processing these documents. See below.

  • NAFDAC issued health certificate for processed and semi-processed food items.
  • NAQS issued phytosanitary certificate for agricultural commodities
  • FPIS issued fumigation certificate for agricultural commodities which is also part of FMITI
  • DVPCS issued international veterinary certificate for animals and animal products

Commercial Documents

Commercial documents are both prepared and issued by the exporter and they display the values and quantities of the products to be exported.

  • Proforma Invoice – An offer by an exporter to sell specified goods for a certain price and at certain terms in a formal manner.
  • Commercial Invoice – indicating the value of goods for export in the currency of the transaction
  • Packing List – indicating the unit packaging and total quantity of goods intended for exports

Financial Documents & Good Movement Documents For Nigeria Exporters

Financial Documents are prepared to shows evidence of all financial transactions between both the buyer and seller. It also shows conformance with the financial regulation for exports while the Good Movement Documents will cover all aspects of the delivery of goods to the buyer in the medium specified in the export contract.

The full list of both financial documents and good movement documents can be found here on the NEPC Website

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Exhibition Affairs does not conduct any form of government registration. For full details about Nigeria Exporters e-Registration certification, please click here.


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