Flying Doctors Africa Health-care Investment. To Raise $1 Billion to Meet Africa’s Demanding Needs.

An African healthcare and wellness investment firm(Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company) based in Lagos-Nigeria, is working towards raising $1 billion in funds for the purpose of Healthcare investments across Africa.

Flying Doctors Africa Investment Overview

The Chief Executive Officer of Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company, Dr. Ola Brown while highlighting the Flying Doctors Investment Company as a healthcare investment company that they have been building for the past 2 years, said, “Investing $1bn across Africa in health is just a start!”

According to Dr. Ola Brown, the fund would be raised in 3 batches within the next four years.

Flying Doctors had previously launched an emergency facility called ISOLATION POD meant for evacuating COVID-19 patients in June 2020. This Isolation Pod is a kind of temporary housing used for providing medical isolation for infectious diseased patients while the patients are being transported by land or in the air.

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Flying Doctors Africa Health-care Investment.

Flying Doctors Africa Fund Raising Plan

Dr. Ola Brown had explained that the funds which are expected to be raised in 3 different batches will most-likely be broken down with the first as $200 million to be raised by end of Q1 2021, with $300 million and $500 million to follow as the 2nd and 3rd trench of the funds raising.

More African investments is expected to be added to the company’s portfolio in Nigeria because the company is aiming to attract more investors to expand more into sub-Saharan Africa.

Flying doctors are known for providing emergency healthcare to government, corporate entities, individual and family units. The health providing company has investments in healthcare and wellness space valued at over $70 million over the past 10years.

For more info about this investment details, you can contact the Flying Doctors Company via this link.

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