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Our Focus

Non-Oil Domestic Export Related Business Events & Updates​


Exhibition Affairs helps facilitate local/international bi-lateral commerce, with the aim of promoting sustainable Nigerian economic development and also encourages a specifically targeted audience to visit highly informative business events.

Our Vision

To support positive and effective decision making by providing information on extreme knowledge impacting international upcoming business events for people in decision making positions.

This platform is exclusively created to provide highly informative content about extremely valuable economic development business events in Nigeria, around Africa and on the global scene.

Exhibition Affairs Business Events Portal Usage

Portal Usage

The business events contents in Exhibition Affairs have been sourced considering easy understanding, usage and with a global approach. This makes Exhibition Affairs useful to Nigerians and foreigners that can be found within our exclusive and special class of audience. Every business event’s title is conspicuous enough for readers of any age. These titles are complemented with brief information on the aim of the upcoming business event, location, destination, and the official business events website for further inquiries. Before using this portal, please read the following terms & policies: Learn more about exportation business in Nigeria.

The Target Audience

Upcoming Business Events

Exhibition Affairs Upcoming Business Events Target Audience

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